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Syntax Error is a monthly newsletter that helps software developers turn a stressful situation into a joyful exploration.

We've all been there, right? You write some code and run it. But it doesn't work. Maybe it's the compiler or interpreter that is complaining or maybe it runs but doesn't work as intended. You start sweating a bit, since it's Friday afternoon and you'd rather be on your way home than fixing that nasty bug.

Debugging can be a stressful situation but it doesn't necessarily need to be. For myself, debugging is one of the parts of software development that I actually enjoy a lot. It lets me role play Sherlock Holmes, dive deep into the code and using techniques and tools, figure out why the computer is not doing what we wish it to do.

Now I want to share what I've learned with you so you could stress a bit less in your life.

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The author

Juhis is a developer community builder and educator with a passion for helping developers become better at what they do. He's been teaching programming for 10+ years, written code for 20+ and built communities for 20+ years and now he's putting in what he's learned about finding and solving problems into a newsletter format.

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